In the recent past, the use of blow dryer has snowballed. This is following the fact that blow dry is the fastest ways of styling hair. It is worth mentioning that even though hair dryers are simple to use, without proper knowledge, it can harm your hair. Did you know that your hair is always delicate when wet hence adequate care must be considered to prevent damage? There are different types of hair dryers for the salon that are available in the market today. Your hairdresser will choose the one to use depending on many aspects. In normal circumstances, consider texture, style, and budget.

Does it matter whether to use a good hair dryer or not?

Even though most people seem to ignore this fact, using good hair dryer matters a lot. There is no doubt that hair dryers are the necessary essentials in a woman’s wardrobe. This is because they are the best instant tools to style your hair faster and complementing your look. It is worth acknowledging that there are varieties of hair dryers in the market today. While some are best for home purposes, hair dryers for salon are specifically designed for the bulk task. They come in a wide range of styles, colors, brands, designs, sizes as well as functionalities to mention but a few. Keep in mind that sometimes some hair dryers are quite disappointing as they fail to perform as the manufacturers claim. As a matter of fact, it is advisable that you consider the following factors when buying one:

Factors to consider when purchasing a hair dryer

  • Wattage
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Before making a buying decision, go through the specifications of each hairdryer. Maximum wattage for a hairdryer for salon should be between 1500 and 1875. Did you know that the higher the wattage, the faster and powerful the hair dryer?

  • Weight
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Does your hair dryer for salon feel quite heavy? For hair salon purposes, a lighter weight should be considered. Depending on how long you can withstand using the machine, choose a suitable weight that is comfortable for you. The weight is usually mentioned in the box even though this is one of the aspects that most people neglect and only realize when it is too late.

  • The texture of your hair
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It is crucial to mention that there are different types of hair. For instance, there are naturally curly, soft and weak textured hairs, long and robust texture among others. One of the best options for naturally curly hair is the ionic hair dryer as it is powerful and gives best results within the shortest time possible. The wrong choice of the dryer can harm your hair hence consult with a specialist to know your texture before buying one.

  • The price
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As mentioned previously, there are different hair dryers for a salon that is available in the market. They come with different styles and prices. Choose one that best suits your budget. But, make sure that the amount does not compromise the quality of your dryer. On the other hand, note that “cheap is expensive.” Do not buy one that will force you to go back to the shop before enjoying its value.

  • Source of energy
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Choose hair dryer depending on your source of energy. Keep in mind that most of these dryers use electricity. It can be time wasting if you buy it and you do not have power. Did you know that some of these dryers use batteries and others solar energy? Choose one based on the source of energy that you use at home.

  • A good hair dryer should have a cool shot button
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Some hairstyles require a cool shot of air. Moreover, some tricky hair can only be fixed with a cool blast of air. A good hairdryer for hair salon must come with heat setting which comprises of a cool shot button that enables you to adjust the heat. Choose accordingly so that you do not have to spend some extra cash to fix this later on. In a salon, styling is quite common hence this feature must not miss in your dryer.


In those mentioned above, it is evident that hair dryers play significant roles not only in a woman’s wardrobe but in the world of hairs as a whole. These dryers are available in different styles, designs, functionalities, and prices. Choose correctly for best feature. Take your time and compare quite a number of them concerning the factors mentioned above.

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