How To Blow Dry Your Hair Guide

Blow drying your hair can be a real pleasure or a pain, well it pretty much depends upon you. What we meant to imply was that if you know how to do it properly, then it’s a pleasure; otherwise, it’s a messy proposition. That’s why we are putting up here a small guide on how to blow dry your hair. Well to put things in a more straightforward way the complete blow drying of hair regime is widely segregated into two steps.

Step 1: Preparing your hair for blow drying

● If you have thin hair, then they can look greasy if not shampooed regularly, hence shampooing them before blow drying is an excellent idea.
● In case you feel that regular shampooing can really damage your hair then you may choose to use a volumizing formula for your hair. This will also help you in blow drying your hair for volume.
● A word of caution, no matter what hair type you have we would suggest that you stay clear of any hair washing product which has sulfates and alcohol.
● Once you are done washing your hair, it would be a good idea to towel dry them first. Wait for the water to stop dripping from your hair. Then use the towel in a soaking gesture on your hair. Don’t be aggressive with the towel as it may lead to unnecessary breakage of hair.
● Protip: If you want to make towel drying your hair a bit faster and really want to know about how to blow dry your hair quickly, then we suggest using a hair dryer on low setting along with the towel. This will help get rid of the moisture faster.
● Another holy-grail tip here would be to use the softest towel that you can get your hands on. It will indeed be healthy for your hair.
● Now is the time to use the hair care products. Please read the instructions that came with your specific product. Most of them are meant to be applied before blow drying, hence exercise due to caution here.
● In case you came here searching for how to blow dry your hair for volume? Then this is the time when you should apply some styling mouse, this product is solely responsible for adding bulk to your hair.
● In case you are here to know about how to blow dry your hair straight then applying a hair straightening cream is what you should be doing at this stage.
● Now is the time to use hair clips to divide your hair into manageable sections. This will really help with blow drying stage.

Preparing your hair for blow drying is an essential step and should not be skipped. Consider it as the foundation of a perfect blow-dried hair. We encourage our readers to follow the steps mentioned above entirely for a significant blow dry experience.

Step 2: Blow Drying your hair

● Choose the right hair dryer: Always choose a blow dryer which has multiple settings, there are many nice products available in the market, it would be really a wise idea to weigh your options on this one.
● If you have curly hair then using a diffuser nozzle is preferred.
● A concentrator nozzle may be used for that extra dry feel.
● Choose the right power, in general, thicker hair requires a more powerful hairdryer.
● Never use the dryer with maximum heat setting as too much heat can damage your hair.
● Use your hair dryer on medium or low setting for an optimal hair drying experience.
● Never use hair dryer without attachments, as it can result in heat damage to the hair.
● Aim your dryer section wise working all the way to the roots of the hair.
● Take your time and don’t rush on things, this is vital for having perfectly blown dry hair.
● Use a hairbrush to dry the hair which originates from the top. This is a bit tricky, but patience is the key here.
● In the end, give a general blow dry sweep to the entire hair. You are done here.


To conclude the article we would state here that learning to blow dry your hair is a one-time effort which would reap long-term benefits. We hope our little effort would add some value to your fashion quotient.

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